Wanted For Resale, salvage and surplus

No more demolition salvage

Due to the latest European health and safety rules, risk assessment, method statement, and extra insurance needed, demolition contractors tend to break up the building containing timber and steelwork apart with mechanical machinery, keeping the workmen out of the danger zone. This speeds up the process considerably and the demolition machinery reaches in and breaks up the building. Steel is cut up and scrapped, wood is broken up and sent for chipping.

 Irrespective of what I am prepared to pay for salvage and materials, very little ends up being salvaged and in most cases nothing is salvaged anymore for reuse in its current state. Looking at it from the demolition contractors side, the extra insurance, timespan, risk assessment and health and safety procedures involved with dismantling, carefully using manpower  is just not cost effective anymore. I have also recently noticed a great change in what the customer wants compared to 30 years ago when I had exactly what people wanted. Timber with nails in  is now not wanted and having to use a roofrack and collect from site is frowned upon. The standard of living has risen dramatically over the last 20 years and I have experienced the new type of customer nowadays opt to buy new timber that conforms to  European standards and with free delivery