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Reclamation and salvage yard in South West Devon, owned and run by Robert U'Ren. I buy and supply a wide range of factory and industrial surplus, farm materials, used machinery, building materials, timber, oil, grease, used machinery and more. Stock regularly changes and there is always something new and unique to Reusable Materials available. Details of items can be found on the 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' pages.

I also buy and sell Willys Hotchkiss Jeeps, WWII era and after - details of which can be found on the Willys Jeep/Tractor page.   

If you have an enquiry or want to make an appointment please give me a call on 01548 521278 or email me (see 'Get In Touch').

VAT payable

My jeeps are not subject to VAT as they were privately owned and VAT free puchases. Most of my small tractors are also not subject to VAT, however because I claim VAT back on any new parts I buy to restore them I do pay VAT from any profit made from the sale. Please note VAT at 20% is payable extra on all my other reusable and salvage items. 

No more demolition salvage

Due to the latest European health and safety rules, risk assessment, method statement, and extra insurance needed, demolition contractors tend to break up the building containing timber and steelwork apart with mechanical machinery, keeping the workmen out of the danger zone. This speeds up the process considerably and the demolition machinery reaches in and breaks up the building. Steel is cut up and scrapped, wood is broken up and sent for chipping.

 Irrespective of what I am prepared to pay for salvage and materials, very little ends up being salvaged and in most cases nothing is salvaged anymore for reuse in its current state. Looking at it from the demolition contractors side, the extra insurance, timespan, risk assessment and health and safety procedures involved with dismantling, carefully using manpower  is just not cost effective anymore. I have also recently noticed a great change in what the customer wants compared to 30 years ago when I had exactly what people wanted. Timber with nails in  is now not wanted and having to use a roofrack and collect from site is frowned upon. The standard of living has risen dramatically over the last 20 years and I have experienced the new type of customer nowadays opt to buy new timber that conforms to  European standards and with free delivery 

Portable containers IBC

These are ideal for water storage, and transporting liquids. They have been used for salt-water solution only and are in excellent order with solid black nylon base and large outlet tap and spin-on top, £80 +VAT tel 01548521278

Seaworn wooden sleepers/beams
seaworn driftwood beams sleepers

These are salvaged from giant floating structures called catamarans or cats, made of solid canadian douglas fir. The outside layers are seaworn and have great patina for inside and outside construction.

Submarine blocks/ sinkers
submarine blocks/sinkers

Solid rubber blocks 330kg, steel core with 4" diameter steel centre to weld shackle to. Ideal sinkers. Large quantity available, any  offers invited

Dock blocks with fixings removed

Scrap waste oil tanks

Sold as scrap, these are empty and have been pumped out. Full COSHH information available. Some are perforated and can only be used for conversion into huts, shelters. Others may be reusable for waste oil again.

Flagpoles/ masts
scrap flagpoles, masts for sale

f/glass flagpoles

Used tyres
used, agricultural / military tires

Scrap, surplus or shortened ropes
scrap surplus or shortened ropes

Ropes available from half inch diameter to 3.5 inch diameter, any lengths available up to 500ft

Sinkers blocks £20

Granite steps
granite steps/curbs

Drain grids ductile steel
drain grids, ductile steel

Manhole covers new unused
used drain grids for sale

Sizes up to 25 inch square

Wooden crates, large and small
wooden crates large and small

Steel stairs wanted
steel stairs wanted

Scrap used steel stairs from mezanine, fire escapes, etc

Portable containers IBC
used IBC  portable containers

These have had liquid iron in, used on grassland, now empty. Spin-on top and large outlet tap on base. Forkliftable, transportable with liquids in. £50 each

Oak lintels, dock blocks, solid rot free
dock blocks lintels

These have saved many old farm buildings from falling down.

Salvage timber, dock-wood, sleepers, beams
packing crates

Dock wood for sale, sleepers, beams, granite, ropes, pipes, tanks etc Reusable materials of all sorts wanted. Instant collection and payment.

Check availability

 Please note that some items listed or photographed on my website may not be in stock. Materials  offered to me are sometimes listed and photographed for sale before I take them into stock so please ring and speak with me to check if they are available before making an appointment to view. Some items may also be advertised for a third party and sold on commission.

I AM VAT-REGISTERED SO VAT AT A 20% RATE WILL BE CHARGED ON TOP OF ALL PRICES ADVERTISED unless otherwise stated, when enquiring please ask to check

Some examples of Reusable Materials stock
granite for sale

Antique pumps

Oak sleepers and beams
oak sleepers and beams devon

Antique iron work
mill wheels and shafting

Salvaged pine joists
antique pine joists devon

Used box profile roofing sheets
salvaged barn for sale

20ft roof sheets now dismantled
used roof sheets

These are 20ft long and have been taken off carefully. £30 each

Sea worn, drift wood, weathered, sun bleached
green heart timber beams

Green heart, douglas fir, oak, chestnut, seaworn, weathered, sun bleached timber bulks

Seaworn driftwood douglas fir docking beams
driftwood seaworn wood/timber

Drift wood effect made by the surface crustation called gribble. It gives a great looking patina and can be used for rustic furniture, landscaping, structural and feature beams etc.  Just beneath the surface these beams have no damage and are hard solid seasoned timber 

Driftwood timber groins
drift wood sea worn, timber groins

Granite cobbles

Granite cobbles

Hand cut granite trough

salvaged wooden beams

Reclaimed oak beams

(Perfect for lintels, fireplaces, etc.)


willys or french jeeps wanted

Willys Hotchkiss Jeeps 

Excellent investment, family enjoyment and for hobby military or classic car shows. Competitive prices both buying and selling.

[Picture to come]

Large pipes

Steel, plastic, solid and flexible type. Also joiners, guttering, inspection chambers, bends, etc.

[Picture to come]

Large reclaimed wooden beams

Ex-pontoons and sea structures. Check out the reclaimed timber section for more info.

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Wooden dock blocks used as lintels
oak blocks/lintels

Scrap items Ideal for up-cycling, table bases etc
steel baskets, table bases

Quarter inch thick profile cut core 10 steel baskets. Ideal for table bases, lamp stands, walking stick holders, sculpture plinths etc, £10 to £20 each for the larger ones